AIeasy: AI Development Kit

Why We're Launching AI Development Kit

We saw a substantial lack of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) education at the middle school, high school and even college level, leaving a critical knowledge gap in a field poised for significant growth in the near future.

Developers, makers and lifelong learners, from students to working professionals, should have the opportunity for hands-on experience building with this technology to be better prepared for college applications, internships, career advancement, or even just to position themselves as innovators in this sphere or explore the capabilities of AI/ML.

We developed the Hands-on AI Dev Kit to provide that opportunity.

The kit is part of the overall exel AI initiative, designed to provide students with early exposure to AI/ML technology. Many current education systems do not provide hands-on experience in AI/ML until students have completed a four-year undergraduate degree and are getting into a two-year master's program (estimated cost $90,000).

We aim to provide the tools and guidance for students to learn the technology first by experimenting with stock ML models (AI programing, e.g., object detection) and then putting that understanding into practice by building their own custom models.

Business name: AIeasy
Target: 200K
Raised: 100
Status: Coming Soon
Equity: Yes
Year founded: 2020

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